Over 50’s

”I’ve led a very active life, what with heavy lifting at work, rugby, sailing and DIY and my body certainly knows it.  My back, shoulders and arms  are a problem, and Gina has helped me get back full use and relieved the pain.  She’s knowledgeable and has that unerring ability to pinpoint the exact problem spot.  I can’t recommend her more highly.” Roger Lloyd, Cowbridge


xray back pain


Many of my patients reached their 50’s or 60’s – or even 70’s – with niggling long-term problems and thought there was nothing that could be done.

But with a combination of a thorough patient history, communication with the GP/consultant (if necessary), gentle soft tissue therapy, exercises, assisted stretches and appropriate diet/hydration, it is often possible to achieve significant pain relief and a new lease of life.

Treatments are confidential and include a posture overview, information about spinal health, and soft tissue gentle manipulation such as sports massage, trigger pointing and mobilisation of joints.

Feel free to call me for a no-obligation chat about what you would like to achieve.

Gina Groom

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