Sports injury therapy

Techniques include:

  • Gentle mobilisation of the spine and joints
  • Sports massage to  break down knots and scar tissue
  • Pain relieving trigger pointing
  • Assisted stretches
  • Posture assessment – achieving a ‘neutral spine’ and optimum posture will help prevent wear and tear of the joints… and will help with your riding
  • Injury appropriate stretches and exercises for you to carry out at home
  • Core-strength training to prevent injury and take the pressure off your back



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During the Covid 19 lockdown, where social distancing is vital, I will be unable to offer face to face, hands-on treatments. However I am able to offer remote assessments and advice by video call. Please contact me for more information if you are in pain or have had an injury and would like this alternative approach. Keep safe and my best wishes! Stay at home, protect our NHS.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)